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Enjoy 1983’s Superman In The Flying Firefighter!

Remember the GE Show ‘N Tell Phono Viewer?

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1985 SNL Skit With Christopher Reeve Trying Out For Superman

Can Christopher Reeve land the role of Superman in this SNL skit?

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In 1979 Did You Go Mad Over The Mad Magazine Game?

What! Me Worry? Check out 1979’s The Mad Magazine Game!

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Did You Watch The 1987 TV Pilot For The Spirit?

Do you remember the 1987 TV Pilot for The Spirit – starring Sam J. Jones and Nana Visitor?

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In Memory Of Joe Ruby – Top Five Ruby-Spears Cartoon Intros

Here are the top five best Ruby-Spears cartoon intros – or at least those that the late and great Joe Ruby had a hand in.

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It Is A Dark Knight For Skynet With Batman Versus Terminator

Batman is bringing justice to Skynet in Batman Versus The Terminator!


…But The Rest Of You Has To Bow Down First

Earl Green shares an amusing story of a misheard line in 1978’s Superman: The Movie – one that others misheard as well!

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Superman: Terror On The Midway (1942)

1942’s Superman: Terror on the Midway is the subject for this Toon In offering!

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Super Blog Team-Up: The Phantom Expanded Universe

Enjoy this in depth look at the Expanded Universe of The Phantom comic book character – part of the Super Blog Team-Up!

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Batman: Strange Days Needs To Be Continued On DC Universe

How amazing would it be to see Batman: Strange Days made into a regular series?