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Do You Remember The ’80s TV Show Puttin’ On The Hits?

Rockford Jay shares his memories of Puttin’ on the Hits – a lip-syncing music/variety show from the ’80s!

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Comic Review: Marvel Comics Gargoyles #2 (1995)

Ashley Thomas aka The Nerdy Blogger gives you a review of the second Gargoyles comic produced by Marvel Comics!

Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast

Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast Ep. 014 – Godzilla And A New Direction

For this new episode of the Pop Culture Retrorama podcast – not only do I talk about 1978’s Godzilla – but you get a taste of what the second season of the show will be like.

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Tales from the Score Keeper: Who Were Those Masked Individuals?

Earl Green gives you the lowdown on the latest soundtracks like Stargirl, The Mandalorian, and more!

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The Man From Atlantis, Remixed

Enjoy a sampling of the remixes of The Man From Atlantis theme!

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Enjoy This Delightful Number Between Boris Karloff And Vincent Price

Enjoy this little number from both Boris Karloff and Vincent Price – from a 1968 episode of The Red Skelton Hour.

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Journey Escape For The Atari 2600 On MTV!

Check out this vintage interview with Journey on MTV – showing off 1982’s Journey Escape for the Atari 2600!

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Rest In Peace: Robert Conrad (1935 – 2020)

Friends, I am very sad to say we have lost another iconic actor – RIP Robert Conrad.


Would You Believe Today Marks The 100th Anniversary Of Felix The Cat?

Did you know that today is the 100th anniversary of Felix the Cat?

Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast

Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast Ep. 09 – The Blues Brothers

This new Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast is all about 1980’s The Blues Brothers!