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Showtime, Synergy! Jem and the Holograms are now ReAction Figures!

Ready for Jem ReAction Figures?

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The Mortal Kombat Trailer Earns A Flawless Victory!

Check out the new trailer for the Mortal Kombat film.

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Are You Prepared For 1987’s Madballs: Gross Jokes?

Enjoy Madballs: Gross Jokes – a novelty video from 1987.

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Tales From The Score Keeper: Brown Trousers Thursday

Earl Green gives you the lowdown on the soundtracks you are going to want to pick up!

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Mando Goes Retro

Earl Green shares some exciting news for all of us fans of The Mandalorian. Hasbro is releasing a Retro Collection featuring the characters from the series!

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The Inhumanoids Really Deserve A Reboot

Do you remember the Inhumanoids toy line – don’t you think it is time for a reboot of the series?

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More Doctors, More Daleks…and More Toys

Earl Green has some exciting news about the next wave of Doctor Who figures and box sets being released!

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After 31 Years – HeroQuest Is Set To Return!

After 31 years – HeroQuest is being released once again… time to oppose Zargon once more!


Working For Hasbro- A Dream Job That Ended Too Soon

Javier Ojst shares his experiences of working at Hasbro – including Star Wars’ “Force Friday”!

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New G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout Game Trailer Arrives

Have you seen the G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout trailer yet?