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Do You Remember Hardee’s Fun Machine And Frankenstein Mouth?

Check out this ’70s commercial for Hardee’s Fun Machine and Frankenstein Mouth!

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Retro Records: Burger Chef – The Ghost Of Grizzly Mountain (1977)

Do you remember Burger Chef – how about those Flexi-Disc records?

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Enjoy This 1972 Promotional Film For McDonaldland

Enjoy this 1972 promotional film for the McDonaldland play areas!

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Did You Pick Up A Slimer Bike Horn From McDonald’s Back In 1990?

Check out the Slimer bike horn and more in this McDonald’s TV commercial from 1990!


Did Wendy’s Hot Drinks “Really Get You Going”?

Coffee, Decaf, Tea, or Hot Chocolate. Those are the hot drinks that you’ll serve some guests! But how do you prepare them?

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Only Burger Chef Was Mighty Enough To Sell King Kong Glasses In 1976

Check out this 1976 Burger Chef ad for King Kong collectible glasses!