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Stop Motion Donkey Kong With Perler Beads

Enjoy Donkey Kong by way of perler beads and stop motion animation!


Enjoy 1979’s Star Wars: The Mystery Of The Rebellious Robot

Enjoy this fan-made adaptation for Star Wars: The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot!

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Astartes Is An Excellent Warhammer 40K Animated Short Film!

Enjoy Astartes, an excellent animated Warhammer 40K short film!

Movies Music

Nick Lutsko Asks Where Did The Gremlins Go?

Enjoy this hilarious song from Nick Lutsko – asking Where Did The Gremlins Go?

Animation Fan Art Movies

It Is A Dark Knight For Skynet With Batman Versus Terminator

Batman is bringing justice to Skynet in Batman Versus The Terminator!

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Feel Like A Ride Through The Star Wars Galaxy?

Enjoy A Ride Through the Galaxy – a montage of some of the most exciting moments in the Star Wars franchise.

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Generations Is A Moving Ghostbusters Fan Film

Enjoy Generations – a short film about a Father and his Son’s love of Ghostbusters.

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What If Doctor Who Had End Credits Like Avengers: Endgame?

Enjoy this tribute to Doctor Who – edited to resemble the end credits of Avengers: Endgame!


Time Warp In Quarantine Will Brighten Your Day!

Enjoy these wonderful reenactment videos from Gelsey Laurie and her Father – featuring The Rocky Horror Picture Show and more!

Cartoons Fan Art

A Lost Stop-Motion Special For The Haunted Mansion?

What would a stop-motion animated special for The Haunted Mansion look like? Thanks to Ian Worthington we now know!