Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast

Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast Ep. 048 – Howard Scott Warshaw

Howard Scott Warshaw is the subject for this episode of the Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast!


The Goonies As Narrated By Chunk (1985)

Enjoy this 1985 book and record retelling of The Goonies courtesy of Chunk!

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Howard Scott Warshaw On Space Ghost Coast To Coast

Watch this humorous interview between Howard Scott Warshaw and Space Ghost!

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It Looks Like We Finally Have That E.T. Sequel… Sort Of

It may have taken 37 years but we received that E.T. sequel… sort of.

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Retro Records: The Story Of TRON (1982)

Do you remember this 1982 book and record? The Story of TRON?

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Mimi’s E.T. and Me

I am standing next to an old man in a small bedroom. His clothes are too big for him and his face looks tired. The two of us are standing shoulder-to-shoulder in front of a small card table. Spread out across the table are an industrial stapler, two pairs of scissors, a basket full of…