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Retro Records: Captain America And The Falcon: And The Phoenix Shall Arise

Can Captain America or The Falcon survive the wrath of the Phoenix?

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Nickelodeon Is Delivering A Sword And Sorcery Series… With Puppets?

Enjoy a six minute preview of The Barbarian and the Troll!

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If Animated Adventure Has A Name, It Must Be The Adventures Of Indiana Jones!

Enjoy this fan made animated intro to The Adventures of Indiana Jones!


Raya And The Last Dragon Trailer Features A Con Baby?

Take a moment and enjoy the trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon!

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The Upcoming What If…? Disney+ Animated Series Looks Incredible!

Check out the incredible trailer for the upcoming What If…? animated series on Disney+!

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The Black Hole Gift Guide

Enjoy a look at some of the collectibles released fro 1979’s The Black Hole!

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Mando Goes Retro

Earl Green shares some exciting news for all of us fans of The Mandalorian. Hasbro is releasing a Retro Collection featuring the characters from the series!

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Comic Review: Marvel Comics Gargoyles #1 (1995)

Ashley Thomas aka The Nerdy Blogger delivers her review of the first issue of Gargoyles!

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Ahmed Best Is Host Of The Jedi Temple Challenge!

Check out the trailer for Jedi Temple Challenge as well as an interview with Ahmed Best and Mary Holland – courtesy of The Star Wars Show!

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Celebrate Star Wars Day With Rebel Mission To Ord Mantell

Join in on the fun of Star Wars Day with this 1983 Buena Vista Record – Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell!