Commercials Food

1984’s “Where’s The Beef?” By Coyote McCloud And Clara Peller

Clara Peller made a name for herself in 1984 with a humorous series of Wendy’s commercials.

Comic Books Toys

1988 Super Powers Cup Holders From Burger King

Do you remember the Super Powers Collection?

Commercials Movies

Did You Catch All The Gremlins Easter Eggs In That Mt. Dew Zero Commercial?

There are quite a few Easter Eggs for the Gremlins films in this Mr. Dew Zero ad.

Movies Music

Did You Know That In 1984 Oingo Boingo Did A Budweiser Commercial?

Enjoy this catchy Oingo Boingo TV ad for Budweiser.

Music Music Videos TV Shows

Do You Remember The ’80s TV Show Puttin’ On The Hits?

Rockford Jay shares his memories of Puttin’ on the Hits – a lip-syncing music/variety show from the ’80s!

Music Retro Records

Retro Records: The Happy Hamsters Go Ghostbustin’ (1984)

Do you possibly remember The Happy Hamsters? How about their album The Happy Hamsters Go Ghostbustin’?

Movies Music

Nick Lutsko Asks Where Did The Gremlins Go?

Enjoy this hilarious song from Nick Lutsko – asking Where Did The Gremlins Go?

Books Toys

Every Book Has a Story Too!

Javier Ojst takes a look at some of his favorite books from when he was a kid!

Movies TV Shows

Creepshow Animated Special Hits Shudder On October 26th!

It looks like Shudder has an October treat – a Creepshow Animated Special!


David Lynch Talks About Meeting George Lucas For Return Of The Jedi

Enjoy this interview with David Lynch talking about when he first met George Lucas… to Direct Return of the Jedi!