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Arcade USA Presents: Atari 2600 Superman (1979)

For this Arcade USA presents – Willie tackles the groundbreaking 1979 Atari 2600 Superman game!

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Did You Know That ABC Aired A 1975 Superman Musical?

Did you know that ABC aired a Superman Musical back in 1975?

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Salem’s Lot Has Been Scaring Us Now For 40 Years!

Happy 40th Anniversary to Salem’s Lot – the TV Mini-Series that has been scaring us now for 40 years!

Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast

Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast Ep. 039 – Asteroids

Asteroids is the subject of this Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast – hope you can enjoy the show!

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Queen Just Released You Are The Champions – Three Fan Videos That Are Amazing!

Do yourself a favor and check out these three You Are The Champions videos presented by Queen.

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Do You Remember These 1979 Mego CHiPs Action Figures?

Do you remember the 1979 Mego CHiPs toy line?


Checking Out The Alien 40th Anniversary Event!

Did you know this year marked the Alien 40th Anniversary?