Saturday Frights Podcast

Saturday Frights Podcast Ep. 098 – Top 5 Horror Soundtracks

We have a special episode today – we are joined by three very special guests to discuss their Top 5 Horror Soundtracks.

Music TV Shows

Remember Kenny Rogers Performing “The Gambler” On The Muppet Show?

Enjoy this 1979 skit from The Muppet Show featuring Kenny Rogers.


Check Out The 1977 Super 8 Version Of Star Wars!

In 1977 Ken Films helped Star Wars fans enjoy the film at home.

Movies Rest in Peace TV Shows

Rest In Peace: Yaphet Kotto (1939 – 2021)

With the passing of Yaphet Kotto we have lost an iconic actor.


Check Out The 1979 Star Trek The Motion Picture Premiere

Take a trip back to 1979 for the premiere of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Video Games

Ex-Activision Luminaries Form Audacity Games For Retro Game Systems!

Learn more about Audacity Games – founded by three legendary Activision game designers.

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Aliens: Fireteam Challenges You To Survive The Hive

Enjoy this sneak preview of Cold Iron Studios’ upcoming Aliens: Fireteam game.

Board Games Movies

Prepare Yourself For Alien: Fate Of The Nostromo By Ravensburger!

Check out the upcoming Ravensburger board game based on 1979’s Alien.

Books Movies

1979’s Star Wars: The Wookie Storybook

Enjoy this fan-made adaptation of 1979’s Star Wars: The Wookie Storybook!

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1979 Interview with Gil Gerard on Buck Rogers And Battlestar Galactica

Enjoy Gil Gerard talking with Bobbie Wygant about Buck Rogers and more.