Saturday Frights Podcast

Saturday Frights Podcast Ep. 089 – Shadow In The Cloud

Enjoy the 89th episode of the show – this time the Projectionist and I discuss the just released Shadow in the Cloud!

Cartoons Toon In

The Early Bird Dood It! (1942)

Enjoy The Early Bird Dood It! from 1942 – a hilarious animated short by Tex Avery!

Toon In

Superman: Terror On The Midway (1942)

1942’s Superman: Terror on the Midway is the subject for this Toon In offering!

Retro Radio Memories

Retro Radio Memories: Dark Fantasy – W Is For Werewolf (1942)

Enjoy this 1942 episode of Dark Fantasy – W Is For Werewolf!

Movies TV Shows

There Was A Casablanca TV Series In 1983?

Do you possibly remember in ’83 when NBC attempted to pull off a Casablanca TV series?

Diary of An Arcade Employee Video Games

Diary Of An Arcade Employee: 1985’s Tiger-Heli And Strawberry Frappe Do Not Mix!

On both the Diary podcast as well as on a daily basis over on the Diary of An Arcade Employee Facebook Page – I do my level best to provide little glimpses into what it is like working in a functioning arcade. For almost seven years now I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working at…