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1988 KOFY TV Country Dance Party Commercial Breaks

For this first IseeRobots Television article – we are taking a look at some choice 1988 KOFY TV Country Dance Party Commercial Breaks!

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Behold The Wonder Of Milton Bradley’s Omni!

Have you ever seen Milton Bradley’s Omni Entertainment System from 1980?

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The One About Using Windows 95

“Could I BE any more Windows 95?!”

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Flintstones, Meet The LEGO Flintstones!

Have you seen the LEGO Flintstones set?

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Mimi’s E.T. and Me

I am standing next to an old man in a small bedroom. His clothes are too big for him and his face looks tired. The two of us are standing shoulder-to-shoulder in front of a small card table. Spread out across the table are an industrial stapler, two pairs of scissors, a basket full of…

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Dr. Who’s Jon Pertwee Sings Who Is The Doctor!

Have you had the pleasure of hearing Jon Pertwee sing “Who Is The Doctor”?

Retro Radio Memories

Retro Radio Memories: Murder Of Pony Express Rider (1938)

Friends, welcome back to a new offering for Retro Radio Memories, shortly before setting up this site we had started a marathon of Old Time Radio episodes from The Lone Ranger over on the Retroist. Like many of the articles and podcasts that I was fortunate enough to start on that iconic site – I’m…


It Chapter Two – Spoiler Free Review (2019)

The other evening thanks to the kindness of Shea – the owner and manager of the arcade I work at, to say nothing of being one of my best friends – I was able to skip out a little early from work and catch It Chapter Two. With my love of Stephen King’s novel as…

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Toon In: Super Mouse – He Dood It Again (1943)

Friends, if you followed the Retroist for any amount of time you might have noticed that there were some subjects I would revisit time and time again. After all you are supposed to write about what you know – so that is why I stuck to covering video games, movies, comics, and cartoons. At least…

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Allison’s (Not So Amazing) Story About “Amazing Stories”

A bit of personal nostalgia about the Amazing Stories episode “Remote Control Man.”