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Enjoy Radio Shack’s 1993 Holiday Season In-Store Promo!

Make your holiday season (in 1993) magical, with this promo loop of all the great offerings Radio Shack has in stock!

Christmas Holiday Phosphor Dot Fossils

Phosphor Dot Fossils: JingleDisk Supercut! (1985)

Earl Green shares JingleDisk, the Holiday program from the mid-’80s.

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Star Wars Christmas Light Show Brings Holiday Joy With The Power Of The Dark Side!

The Power of the Dark Side lifts the Holiday Spirits with this impressive light show.

Christmas Holiday TV Shows

Enjoy A Little Ho-Ho-Horror With A Creepshow Holiday Special On Shudder!

Next week is the debut of A Creepshow Holiday Special on Shudder – check out the trailer!

Christmas Holiday Movies

It Took 40 Years But I Finally Got One Of The Black Hole Puzzles!

Have you ever seen one of The Black Hole puzzles from 1979?

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B.C. Had Their First Thanksgiving…And A Special Christmas!

Because they couldn’t quite get Thanksgiving right, someone figured that the crew of B.C. needed to redeem themselves by creating Christmas!

Christmas Holiday Music TV Shows

John Denver And The Muppets – A Christmas Together (1979)

Do you remember 1979’s John Denver And The Muppets – A Christmas Together?

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Was Stetson “Easy For You”?

Stetson not only fits the season, but my very nostalgic Christmas as well.

Christmas Holiday Toys

Do You Remember Casey The Robot?

Do you remember Playskool’s talking tape player robot?

Cartoons Christmas Holiday Video Games

Strawberry Shortcake: Musical Match-Ups for the Atari 2600

In the 1980s, every department store had separate aisles for boys and girls toys. The aisles may not have been specifically labeled as such, but everyone (especially kids) knew which was which. I remember wandering up and down the toy aisles in my local Walmart as a kid. The aisle with Star Wars, G.I. Joe,…