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Enjoy Radio Shack’s 1993 Holiday Season In-Store Promo!

Make your holiday season (in 1993) magical, with this promo loop of all the great offerings Radio Shack has in stock!

Computers Electronic Games Store Training Videos Video Games

Follow the Plan-O-Gram…At Software Etc.!

Store employee Bob learns the importance of visual merchandising at Software Etc…, in this early 1990s training video!

Computers Video Games

After 36 Years, Joust Arrives on the Commodore 64!

Rob “Flack” O’Hara has some exciting news – Joust was just released for the Commodore 64!

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35 Years Later A Commodore 64 Program Was Found On This 1984 Album!

It might have taken 35 years but this Commodore 64 program has been found… on vinyl!