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Great Scott, Marty! Super 7/ReAction is going… Back To The Figures!

Check out the new line of Back to the Future ReAction figures!

Back To The Future was one of the original ReAction figure licenses back during the heyday of Super 7’s partnership with Funko. But after that heyday – with saw Back To The Future figures sharing retail peg space with licenses like Universal Studios’ classic movie monsters, Firefly, The Fifth Element and classic Star Trek, the two companies went their separate ways, with Super 7 retaining the ReAction brand and its aim to produce “Kenner-style” action figures for unlikely pop culture brands. Recent years have seen ReAction not only deliver long-overdue action figure lines for cult classic movies, but music brand such as Slayer, Wu-Tang Clan, and yes, they even did an action figure of Lemmy from MotÖrhead. A while, back, they even went further into the future with a line of figures from Back To The Future Part II.

Images courtesy Super7

But the original has not been forgotten, and now Marty and Doc are back in a variety of guises not previously produced in ReAction’s original Back To The Future line. Marty is available in two forms – as we meet him at the beginning of the movie, in the company of Einstein, the world’s first time-traveling dog (take that, K-9!), and in his full head-to-toe hazmat suit when he pays his father George a visit in the past as “Darth Vader of the planet Vulcan”. Doc Brown is back as well, both in his own hazmat gear from the beginning of the movie, and in his younger 1958 form, complete with his elaborate mind-reading helmet (“this thing doesn’t work!”). Best of all, the packaging has been rethought so that it forms a kind of diptych – the Back To The Future figures’ cardboard backing cards show the left half of the time-traveling DeLorean, while the Back To The Future Part II cards show the right half. (For those of us who like to leave a figure or two on the card here and there, this makes a great display piece.)

Images courtesy Super7

The only thing that would make this package sweeter would be a DeLorean to scale, complete with flux capacitor and Mr. Fusion. Hint, hint, ReAction. Get on that. (The sad fact is…we probably shouldn’t hold our collective breath, because it may well be more expensive to license the likeness of a DeLorean DMC-12 than to license the likenesses of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Maybe they can borrow Luke’s landspeeder or the Batmobile and upgrade those for time travel? Use your imagination, kids. That’s what action figures are for!)

The new wave of Back To The Future figures are now available at

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