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Enjoy Radio Shack’s 1993 Holiday Season In-Store Promo!

Make your holiday season (in 1993) magical, with this promo loop of all the great offerings Radio Shack has in stock!

Happy Holidays, friends and readers!

I was going to close out the year pretty much the way I brought in 2020 on Pop Culture Retrorama, with one more training video, but I found something related to the previous training video I discussed, and figured it would not only be a nice follow up to that article, but also appropriate to close out the year.

Previously, On Pop Culture Retrorama…The Year-End Edition!

Training videos have been my predominant focus in 2020, as we’ve tested the waters of many different career opportunities, as long as they’re fast food and retail-related.  From the proper preparation and serving of hot drinks, cold drinks, and other Wendy’s menu items, to a master shoplifter explaining the motivations of shoplifters at Woolworth’s, flim-flam and Ames (and you!), how to work the various parts of a Hardee’s restaurant, and preventing shrink and being the difference at a grocery store, we’ve taken on a lot of different jobs.

We laughed, we cried, Jewel’s Own Joan’s examples should not be taken as company policy, and we have not stopped singing that darn song about hot drinks.

More recently, we learned how to set up a store correctly, and according to the Plan-O-Gram, as the Software Etc… Genie and Radio Shack’s Santa Rick and Santa Mark guide the way.

In total, we’ve watched fifteen different videos, detailing different aspects of the working life of the late 1980s and early 1990s.  We’ve got Grill Skills, learned the CLEAR and FIRST method of customer service, and our reputation has been on the line.

This year has been many things, except short on all the great ways to learn how to do a job successfully.

It hasn’t been all training videos and such, but that’s mostly what this year has been.

Which brings me to my final video of 2020/

Selling Those Radio Shack ’93 Goods!

While technically isn’t a training video, it piggybacks on the previous training video, featuring Santa Mark and Santa Rick, teaching Radio Shack employees how to properly decorate, set up stock, and celebrate your store being decorated and stocked for Christmas 1993!

This video promos all of the great items Radio Shack has to offer for Christmas 1993 – giant green vans, My First Sony knockoffs, neon phones, cassette players…

…and this phone.

Happy almost 1994 to this guy!

All of this is set to very bland, very instrumental Christmas standards, complete with too much smiling, Tandy Computers, and convincing images that say to male shoppers “she doesn’t need a ring this year, she wants electronics!  Buy her electronics!  Diamonds aren’t forever, CD and cassette players are!”

She’s so excited.

So flip your hair, pound on that keyboard like you’re making music, and bask in the glow of early 1990s retail.

Upload via Radio Shack Catalogs

It’s the kind of holiday season Santa Mark and Santa Rick want customers to have!

Here’s to more Jewel’s Own Joan, the two Santas, Software Etc. Genies, and other oddities of corporate training in 2021!  Have a happy New Year!

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