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BBC Radio Unearths the Children Of The Stones

Earl Green has some exciting seasonal news – BBC Radio 4 has produced a new Children of the Stones series!

Former Kids of a Certain Age will have no problem remembering the haunting 1977 TV series Children Of The Stones, a single-season paranormal epic whose theme song alone was enough to scare the faint-of-heart away from their TV screens. And even though it was made in the UK, American kids got their own dose of the show via Nickelodeon’s “The Third Eye” programming block in the early 1980s. In fact, we’ve even profiled the show on Pop Culture Retrorama before.

And now, just in time for Halloween, it’s back – but in a decidedly more modern form.

Courtesy BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 has revived Children Of The Stones as a brand new radio drama formatted as a podcast with each episode lasting anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. The basic story outline – newcomers to the quaint town of Milbury find that there’s something sinister with the townsfolks’ constant pursuit of happiness – remains the same. The characters and details, however, have gotten a modern makeover. The story now centers on young Mia Brake (Matthew in the original TV series), a wanna-be paranormal podcaster who decides that the mystery of Milbury could make her show a breakout hit. She doesn’t find out until too later that investigating that mystery could make her a threat to somebody’s plans…

The complete story – told in seven 25-minute episodes in the original TV incarnation of the tale – now takes up 10 episodes in this new audio iteration, and all ten are free to listen on Radio 4’s website (at least while supplies last). If you’re looking for a good scare between your ears, this latest generation of Children Of The Stones is a treat.

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