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HorrorBabble Presents: It’s Your Turn, Joey

Enjoy It’s You Turn, Joey from Ian Gordon of HorrorBabble!

Friends, normally I would wait until the Sun has begun to set before sharing with you another fantastic offering from HorrorBabble – the truth of the matter is my schedule has been altered recently – so I am often awake when my body tells me I am supposed to be sleeping. Perhaps not so great for staying healthy and mentally at my best – but it does offer my plenty of opportunity to read and work on the podcasts. To say nothing of sitting in my library and enjoying Ian Gordon of HorrorBabble narrate another fantastic tale of weird fiction – from the likes of Robert Bloch, H.P. Lovecraft, or William Hope Hodgson to name a few. It’s Your Turn, Joey however is an original story written by Ian Gordon and turns our to be inspired by the urban legends that he heard himself in his youth – in addition to the tale being based on something that his Brother experienced. In this case that must surely be concerning a gathering of friends around a camping lantern to see who has the scariest story.

The urban legends that are presented in It’s Your Turn, Joey include a rather memorable encounter with a White Lady – and what might possibly be a spin on the Beast of Bodmin Moor. The third tale presented by the trio gathered around the glow of the camping lantern… well, that is a special one you need to hear for yourself.

So before you get your day off to a possibly creepier start than usual – a word of warning that this story from HorrorBabble contains a few moments of SALTY LANGUAGE. While not any worse than you would find in a modern PG film – I thought a word of WARNING was required just the same.

Video and Article Image Provided by HorrorBabble.

For what it might be worth, in my youth I often dreamed of having a group of friends to share such stories as are presented in It’s Your Turn, Joey. While that might not have come to pass as I wished – perhaps the truth is the weekly Saturday Frights watch parties on Facebook are the digital equivalent of gathering around the campfire?

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