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Check Out The Ruby-Spears Pitch Video For Mega Man!

Check out this 1994 Sales Pitch Video for the Mega Man cartoon!

Friends, last week it was announced we had lost Joe Ruby – the iconic animator, writer, and producer of such shows as Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, Thundarr the Barbarian, and Saturday Supercade to name a few. I was trying to locate some interviews with Ruby to share on my remembrance article when I stumbled on something special. An original sales pitch video by Ruby-Spears that most certainly has a more anime art style to it than the series that would air in syndication beginning on September 11th of ’94. In fact before we go any further with that sales pitch video for Mega Man – it might be a good idea to let you see how the actual series looked, right?

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For the record, while I was a little disappointed by the Mega Man animated series – I really loved that theme song – so much so that I actually bought the soundtrack cassette that was released when the show came out. For what it might be worth I was equally ‘let down’ when NBC began airing Captain N: The Game Master on Saturday mornings back on September 9th of ’89 – at least in regards to how Castlevania‘s Simon Belmont and Mega Man were presented. I hope you will not get me wrong – I quite enjoyed the Captain N television show… it is just that when I heard some of my favorite video game character were going to be in an animated series – I had expected something different.

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It appears that this 1994 sales pitch video for the Mega Man animated series was an attempt to convince TV stations of just how popular the video game icon truly was. As I understand it there had been ten games released by 1994 starring everyone’s favorite Blue Bomber – as a matter of fact the sales pitch video gets points for mentioning his nickname. You will also notice that some of the animation used in this particular video was incorporated into the intro for the actual television series.

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