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Super 7 Brings Us Back To The Future For Part II!

Dust off those hoverboards because Earl Green gives you the lowdown on the Back to the Future II figures from Super7 – the latest in their ReAction line.

Oo-la-la? Oo-la-la? Your favorite DeLorean-driving time travelers are back, immortalized in plastic.

Super 7 and its ReAction figure line, the purveyors of Kenner-style retro-themed figures inspired by everything from Shogun Warriors to classic baseball mascots to They Live, is zooming into the distant future of the year 2015 for its newest selection of 3.75″ figures. Fire up your flux capacitor, because the new line of figures is based on Back To The Future Part II.

Courtesy Super7
The Multiple Marty Paradox. Courtesy Super7

The selection of five figures includes the “future clothing” versions of Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Biff Tannen, as well as Biff’s spiky-helmeted descendant Griff, and Marty decked out in his ’50s style leather jacket as he plunges once again into that Fish Under The Sea Dance. Or Enchantment. Whatever.

Yes, Future Marty and Griff both come with hoverboards! ’50s Marty has his walkie-talkie, while Future Biff has the sports almanac that made him a terrifying force to be reckoned with. Future Doc includes a gigantic futuristic camera, just like the ones we all carried around in 2015.

The really neat thing here is that, for those who actually did collect George McFly and young Biff from the original Back To The Future ReAction lineup, you get a lot more play value out of both characters – well, out of young Biff, anyway (George infamously doesn’t make much of a showing in the second movie, but you can rewrite the script and change that now).

Terrible Tannen Twosome. Courtesy Super7

Older Future Biff is decked out in his bathrobe; Doc Brown may be the new collection’s best figure, decked out in his “where we’re going we don’t need roads” outfit. All five figures arrive on backing cards with artwork depicting the business end of Doc’s future-upgraded time machine.

Maybe one of the best things about this collection is that it portends the possibility of figures from Back To The Future Part III, which would be awesome with its western costume variations, and the possibility of actually introducing a female character to the line. But whether or not that happens is left to…well…the future. But for now, the new Back To The Future Part II line can only make some much-needed happiness for those of us stuck in the distant future of the year 2020.

Courtesy Super7

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