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Toy Polloi Talks About Toy Entropy

Friends, check out these videos by Toy Polloi – concerning Toy Entropy and Mold spots on your figures.

Friends, as most of us do who write for this site as well as those of you who visit on a regular basis – I am quite often thinking about or collecting items from the past. Not just from my childhood but from before my time as well – having said that though – besides my library of movies I am quite fond of my toy collection. While it is certainly a fact that the majority of my Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, and even G.I. Joe figures didn’t survive the years – whether through garage sales or being given away to younger Family members. Those original toys that remain have a prized spot on the shelves in the “Toy Room” – alongside the likes of TRON: Legacy, Universal Monsters, and other film related figures and collectibles. I have begun to notice though that my original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures were starting to sport some rather ugly spots – that sadly didn’t seem to wipe away with warm soapy water.

While at the arcade one evening I was chatting with one of my good friends about the problem and he suggested I check out the YouTube videos of Toy Polloi for a possible answer. After closing the arcade down for the evening, as soon as I made it home I pulled up Toy Polloi’s channel and immediately found a Star Wars video that addressed my issue – although after watching the experiment I felt it better to just let my Turtle toys be.

Video and Article Image Provided by Toy Polloi.

This led to discovering yet another excellent video from Toy Polloi – one whose subject matter is something that I will admit I have begun to think about quite a bit while standing in the toy room and admiring my collection. Which is the fact that quite simply these cherished collectibles of mine, especially the vintage vehicles and figures… aren’t going to last forever. Toy Polloi calls the slow and eventual degradation of these toys as toy entropy – going into detail of the various types of ‘threats’ to our collections.

Video Provided by Toy Polloi.

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