La Noria Is A Beautiful And Haunting Animated Short Film

Check out La Noria – an animated short from 2018 that is equal parts chilling and moving.

Friends, as the Sun begins to set on those of us working at the Vault, it always feels like the proper time to look for something spooky and scary for entertainment. This is something I will admit I have always felt was proper, even in my youth, when it started getting darkā€¦ that was the time to start looking for a horror movie on television or at the very least read some issues of Creepy magazine. Looking for something to fit that bill is how I came across La Noria – which I believe translated means ‘the Ferris wheel’ – an animated short written and directed by Carlos Baena (Finding Nemo, WALL-E, Jurassic Park III). La Noria after winning a staggering amount of awards – 27 in total if I read the IMDB entry correctly – it is an incredible short that ranks up there with Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth as well as Tigers Are Not Afraid from Director Issa Lopez. Both of those films are able to be quite spooky and unnerving at times although revealing a story with an incredible amount of heart when all is said and done.

La Noria focuses on a young boy who when we are first introduced to the character is concentrating on constructing a Ferris wheel. With the clever clues peppered throughout the beginning of the animated short – we not only can figure out that this is a period piece but that the boy’s Father is serving in the military as a solider. A child is obviously not a stranger to the feelings of loss or anger – a mixture of these is what I believe calls forth some unexpected visitors. Creatures of shadow and sadness that appear to be content with stealing photographs and all memories of the poor boy’s Father away as they give chase throughout the house. The reason I mentioned those two excellent films from Guillermo and Lopez is that like with La Noria – the ‘darkness’ or spooky things might just offer salvation and hope.

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One of the most amazing things about La Noria is that it was brought to life thanks to the support of hundreds of artists around the World. For a little more information on the creation of La Noria you can visit the official site!

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