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At Wendy’s Chili Can, In Fact, Be Served With Cheese!

Put ’em on a tray…what a great snack!

Just when you thought I’d finally pull myself out of the incredible mire of training video Heaven (Hell?) and write about something else…I find yet another training video I haven’t covered.

The introduction for these Wendy’s videos has become redundant by this point.  Long story short, I’ve covered the preparation and serving of hot drinks, cold drinks, and how to properly grill an ol-fayshioned hamburger the Wendy’s way.  It is a world of late 1980s Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul-esque songs, along with a Billy Ray Cyrus/1980s Hip Hop training method.


Anything to appeal to younger trainees, am I right?

So, in the midst of these training videos, I figured I had covered every aspect of a 1988 new hire’s training at Wendy’s.

I was wrong.

There’s another.

Training Checklist

So we’ve learned how to…

  • Prepare coffee, hot chocolate, and hot tea for dine-in and takeout orders
  • Properly put ice in the cup, how to fill the said cup based on the chosen drink (lemonade/juice, iced tea, or soda)
  • Utilize the four corner press for hamburgers, and how to keep them moving on the grill
  • Survive being pulled into the training area television

Hey, that last one is important!

Knowing all of this, what more could I possibly learn from my new hire training circa 1988 at Wendy’s?


The Serving of Chili, Frosties, Cookies, and Milk!

Screenshot (255)

But of course, those little menu items that add a little touch to any Wendy’s meal!

The next video in our training regiment involves the proper serving of chili, packaged chocolate chip cookies, small milk cartons, and a sweet, delicious Frosty.  I actually had Wendy’s for dinner last night, and the Frosty machine was down, so I didn’t get my Obligatory Frosty.  I mean, I had my Surprise McDonald’s Milkshake last night, but I love me some Frosty!

Anyway, this 2 1/2 minute video has a similar sound to the “Hot Drinks” song, without Aspiring Michael Jackson singing the vocals, it is called “Chili Can Be Served With Cheese,” and it tries super hard to make Wendy’s Chili sound like a culinary delight.

Now, I remember Wendy’s having a baked potato on their menu, yet it is never mentioned in any of these training videos.  It had been around since 1983, isn’t there some kind of training to serve that too?

Oh well. I’m stalling, of course.  We gotta keep the “Wendy’s way” of service going with those special items.


Serve Up That Chili With Cheese…

…and with a smile!

Because “always serve top quality – nothing less than the best – that’s a guarantee.”


Upload via Chuck Drake

Just when I think I’ve reached the end, and we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel of Wendy’s training videos – because let’s face it, you have nowhere to go but down when you’ve made a whole video about serving hot drinks – there’s one more video.

I’m saving that for next time!




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