The Halloween Kills Teaser Has Arrived… With Some Bad News

Friends, strap in for the teaser trailer for the upcoming Halloween Kills!

Friends, just a couple of hours ago the much-awaited teaser trailer for Halloween Kills debuted – giving us our first glimpse at the follow-up to 2018’s Halloween. It is only a mere 33 seconds long but immediately the emotional response to Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her Daughter (Judy Greer) and Granddaughter’s (Andi Matichak) realization at what is about to occur feels very real and tugs at the heartstrings to say the least. Then as is to be expected – there is a quick shot of Michael Myers – before it is revealed that sadly Halloween Kills has been pushed from it’s October 2020 spot to October of 2021. Which I will admit isn’t exactly a shock considering how things are playing out at this time… but there is a pretty huge silver lining to that ‘bad news’ – more on that after you watch the teaser trailer.

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It definitely looks like Laurie, Karen (Greer), and Allyson (Matichak) are not going to be able to start the healing process from the horrible events of the 2018 film any time soon. You also have to wonder what the kindly passerby in the pick up truck who gave them a lift at the end of the film is thinking with Laurie yelling in the back, right?

I mention a silver lining to the news that the film had been pushed back and that comes from a post on Twitter shared by none other than John Carpenter as well as Jamie Lee Curtis. An announcement addressing the understandable delay of the film – but as heartbreaking as it is for fans and those who worked on Halloween Kills to have to wait another year… Universal Pictures is going to also release it in IMAX.

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In closing, a bit of exciting news with both the Halloween Kills teaser and the future IMAX presentation – even if we have to wait just a little longer to finally experience it. We just have to remind ourselves it is a mere 66 weeks and 2 days until we can once again revisit the cinematic town of Haddonfield and witness the continuing terror and tragedy that Michael Myers leaves in his wake.

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