HorrorBabble Presents: The Toy Makers By Ian Gordon

Turn off the lights if you are able and enjoy The Toy Makers by Ian Gordon of Horror Babble!

Friends, have you ever concerned yourself with the fate of your childhood toys – wondered what became of the plastic heroes and villains of your youth? If you are like myself, you might have kept a majority of them and put them on shelves or store them in containers in a toy room. Almost like trophies of a more innocent time in your life when through the power of your very imagination you could ensure that right triumphed over wrong – or found the friends you desperately needed albeit in plastic form. What about those other toys though, the lost ones or even neglected and abused items of children over the ages – how might they feel? That is the subject of The Toy Makers, a short story from Ian Gordon of HorrorBabble – a tale that might make you think twice about getting rid of some of your cherished dolls and action figures. In the past we have shared adaptations from HorrorBabble covering the works of H.P. Lovecraft as well as William Hope Hodgson – this is the first time we’ve shared original content although I doubt it will be the last. As usual Ian Gordon narrates the story and does an incredible job of it too – so dim the lights if you are able and enjoy The Toy Makers!

Video and Article Image Provided by HorrorBabble.

Although not quite the horror presented in The Toy Makers it reminded me just a little bit of the late and great Stuart Gordon’s Dolls from back in ’87. Not the toys creating objects to help sate their rage about being abandoned and such like in Ian Gordon’s story – but their anger in the tale reminded me of how the toys and dolls react to the disrespectful intruders in the film.

So maybe tonight before you go to bed… you ought to take a few minutes and check on those toys in your collection?

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