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Barkey Dog Reviews 1980’s Hero At Large!

Do you remember Hero At Large, the 1980 film with John Ritter? Well, Barkey Dog reviews it in his latest video!

Friends, a few days back I was fortunate enough to catch a new video by a friend on Facebook – featuring the delightful Barkey Dog talking about the dangerous lawn game known as Jarts. On a side note – lawn darts, javelin darts, or Jarts – whatever you might have called it is something that I enjoyed quite a bit in my youth, until a neighborhood kid that I played with while visiting my Grandparents began to use them dangerously. As Barkey Dog points out in that video, those darts happened to feature a sturdy and heavy metal tip – which you probably know sadly led to injuries and even death – so they are now outlawed in the United States as well as Canada. Anyway, a new Barkey Dog video has been uploaded to YouTube and by gracious permission from it’s creator we have been allowed to share it with you today. The subject is something I have talked about before on the siteHero at Large, the 1980 action/comedy that starred the late and great John Ritter in addition to Anne Archer!

Video Provided by Movieclips Classic Trailers.

Now I will admit that I might enjoy Hero at Large just a little more than Barkey Dog – but in all honesty I believe he is absolutely fair in his review. Much like Barkey I too miss John Ritter, besides the likes of Three’s Company and The Flight of Dragons, I always remember him for The Comeback Kid – a 1980 made-for-TV film that I recall being shown on ABC all the time back in the day. John Ritter does a fantastic job as portraying the character of Bubba Newman, a baseball player in the minor leagues that throws in the towel… only to find a new love for the game when he becomes the coach of a little league team made up of underprivileged children.

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So without further ado, enjoy Barkey Dog’s review of Hero at Large – make sure to click like and subscribe to the channel when you have a moment – we need more fantastic puppets making reviews and talking about pop culture, right?

Video and Image Provided by Barkey Dog.

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