Reunited Apart With The Cast Of Back To The Future!

Enjoy the cast and crew of Back to the Future in this episode of Reunited Apart!

Friends, about two weeks ago, all of us fans of pop culture and things retro related were given a pretty amazing and unexpected treat – the reunion of the cast and others from The Goonies, courtesy of Josh Gad and his new series Reunited Apart. Well, late last night I was scheduling some posts for the Pop Culture Retrorama Facebook page when I stumbled on the fact that a new episode of the web series had just been released – this one reuniting many of those responsible for making the Back to the Future trilogy!

Video and Article Image Provided by Josh Gad.

While it was shared in the comments section of this new video already, I will agree with the wish that this episode of Reunited Apart could have gone on quite a bit longer. I was able to catch Back to the Future during it’s 4th of July weekend release in ’85 – a little less than a month after I had seen The Goonies as a matter of fact. Speaking of that year, I think it is safe to say that it was a pretty great one for Michael J. Fox – he not only had the box office success of Back to the Future but a month later he had another box office hit with Teen Wolf as well as Family Ties, the very popular NBC television show that was in it’s third season at the time.

Video Provided by CBS.

When I first started working at a local video store and earning some money, besides making up lost time in filling back issues in my comic collection – I began collecting soundtracks in earnest. With my very first paycheck I visited the local Hasting’s and picked up the soundtracks to Animal House, Innerspace, RoboCop, and Back to the Future. The combination of songs from Huey Lewis and the News, Eric Clapton, Etta James, and of course that still exceptional theme from Alan Silvestri is why the soundtrack is still in my heavy rotation list today.

Video Provided by Juan C. Moreno.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future – perhaps if our crazy World can get back to normal in the near future – we might be able to celebrate the film by way of Fathom Events?

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