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Saturday Frights Podcast Ep. 082 – Creepshow – The Finger

On this episode of the Saturday Frights Podcast – the Projectionist and myself tackle The Finger from Shudder’s Creepshow series.

Friends, we have a new Saturday Frights podcast for your listening pleasure – this episode focuses on The Finger – yet another one of the segments from Shudder’s fantastic Creepshow television series. We touch upon this in the episode but this will be the last show before we start doing Podcast Seasons – beginning with the Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast, then Saturday Frights, and since the Pop Culture Retrorama podcast is going to be presented in an entirely different format – that one will be the last one that is produced. It felt appropriate though to get in one more Saturday Frights episode before the change up and to be fair The Finger is a good segment to be sure – it is a creature feature involving a rather charming… if bloodthirsty critter that is simply known as Bob.

Bob does love popcorn though!

Showrunner and iconic make-up and special effects guru, Greg Nicotero, helms this particular segment of Creepshow – with David J. Schow (The Crow, DJSturbia) penning the teleplay. A darkly humorous tale featuring DJ Qualls (Supernatural, Z nation) as a down on his luck soul named Clark Wilson – who happens during a late night walk to come upon a strange elongated finger. Taking it home to study it or at least identify what bizarre animal it might belong to – Clark’s life is about to get a whole lot stranger when the digit begins to regrow it’s entire body.

I am joined by the Projectionist on this episode – after a rather costly run in with the Plague Rat known as Bobby Joe. As always, my co-host has managed to track down some vintage audio treats for your listening pleasure.

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So with that we hope you will join us once again for the Saturday Frights podcast – take a trip with us we take in the Creepshow and The Finger!

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