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Prepare To See Out April And See In May With Frankenstein!

Prepare to spend some time with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller in Frankenstein!

Friends, thanks to the National Theatre in London we all are going to be seeing out this month and the beginning of May with Frankenstein – starring both Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Dr. Strange) and Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers, Trainspotting) as Dr. Frankenstein and his creation. I say both as on April 30th when visiting the National Theatre YouTube channel you will see Cumberbatch as the Creature with Miller as the obsessed Victor Frankenstein – then on May 1st the roles will be reversed. If that wasn’t exciting enough, this stage adaptation was Directed by none other than Danny Boyle (28 Days Later…, Yesterday) – from a script by Nick Dear (Agatha Christie’s Poirot).

Video and Article Image Provided by National Theatre.

This particular adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein had it’s world premiere at the Royal National Theatre back on February the 5th of 2011, after opening it’s doors wide to the public on the 22nd it ran until May the 2nd of that year. It went on to receive the Olivier Award as well as the Evening Standard Award for both Cumberbatch and Miller in their dual roles – with the former also earning the Critics’ Circle Award for best performance by an Actor in a Play. In fact the National Theatre has released this special introduction by Cumberbatch just the other day, in which he briefly touches on what makes the production so special.

Video Provided by National Theatre.

Danny Boyle’s production of Frankenstein also features a score by Underworld – whose music the Director has used in the past with his Sunshine in 2007, which was a collaboration between the Electronica band and John Murphy (28 Weeks Later, Kick-Ass).

Video Provided by National Theatre.

I have wanted to see this stage production of Frankenstein since I first learned of it – and to be sure if my work schedule had been more accommodating I could have caught it in my local movie theater over the years. Now thanks to the generosity of the National Theatre Home we all have that opportunity – for free – and as I understand it we can watch the performances for an entire week on the YouTube channel.

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