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Enjoy This 1981 Dungeon! Board Game Commercial!

Check out this TV commercial for TSR’s Dungeon! board game – featuring an animated character known as Morely the Wizard.

Friends, earlier this month I shared that fantastic View-Master reel set featuring some of the characters from the Dungeons & Dragons animated series – in that article I made mention of my first taste of TSR’s role-playing fantasy game was courtesy of the Dungeon! board game. It really did serve as a primer for the actual role-playing game even if there were a few differences – such as the Superhero class in the case of ’75 version of the board game, a class choice along with Hero, Wizard and Elf that didn’t change until The New Dungeon! was released in ’89. Having said all that, I definitely wasn’t lucky enough to catch this 1981 Dungeon! board game television commercial – featuring an animated character named Morley the Wizard!

Video and Article Image Provided by ewjxn.

Now while over the years I managed to lose pretty much all of the parts to my original Dungeon! game, besides a few of those rather small monster and treasure cards, at the very least I still have the actual game board in my possession. Over the years I have also purchased some of the revised editions of Dungeon! – in fact for a while it was the board game of choice that we played after closing down the arcade for the night. Although we altered the rules and difficulty as to allow the Players to keep their possessions and be challenged as the game progressed – eventually we started playing the Castle Ravenloft box set.

I may not have had the pleasure of seeing that television commercial for Dungeon! back in the day, although I do have many fond memories of playing that board game for hours and hours. In addition while Morley the Wizard was used on a couple of TSR ads and brochures, the first time that I can remember seeing him though was thanks to the Fantasy Forest board game – a more kid friendly dip into the D & D universe.

What about you though, do you remember playing Dungeon! – we would love to hear about it in the comments section!

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