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We’re Playing Merry-Go-Round…With My Little Pony!

Come on, Medley, we’re playing Merry-Go-Round!

…With this game by Milton Bradley, of course!

A few nights ago, when I was working on my Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday articles, I came across a rather interesting find.  Given my 3-year-old fangirl love for anything “My Little Pony” at the time, I’m surprised I didn’t have this game.

I had tons of My Little Pony dolls – heck, I even had Spike the Dragon and the Ponies’ friend Megan – but I didn’t have a super cool My Little Pony board game!

Seriously though, isn’t Spike super cute?

Image: Bonanza

Anyway, the game!

My Little Pony Merry-Go-Round Game


My Little Pony Merry-Go-Round game was introduced in 1985 by Milton Bradley, and involves collecting ponies to win the game.

A designated player spins the Merry-Go-Round…

…and the color that appears in the windows on the Merry-Go-Round represents the pony color.


Prior to spinning the merry-go-round, players each put a card face down.  If the merry-go-round stops on that color, and you have that card face down…

SnapShot(1) - Copy

…then you stamp it on your score sheet!


Get all eight stamps on your scoresheet, and you win!

And one of your friends may want to play again.


The colors aren’t generic ponies – no no, that would never do.  Posey, Heart Throb, Cherries Jubilee, & Medley are all represented on this Merry-Go-Round.

Image: Ponyland Press


I love the commercial for this game – as I said, as a three-year-old My Little Pony fangirl (before there was ever such a thing), I would have LOVED this game.

Upload via Allison Venezio Preston / Allison’s Written Words

Game Specs

Image: Ponyland Press

Like all of Milton Bradley games geared to the pre-school set (this game was for ages four and up), My Little Pony Merry-Go-Round Game didn’t require the reading of instructions prior to play.  Clearly, it teaches color recognition, though I’m sure alot of little girls who played this probably knew which ponies were which.

Oh and even better, when you were finished playing the game, you could COLOR your scoresheet!

Educational (in a sense), fun, and you can color it later!  What’s not to love?!


If you’re looking for this game, it is – surprisingly – not listed on eBay, but Amazon has (as of publication) a copy of the game, listed as “Acceptable,” and obviously has some age/play-related issues.  Would kids today enjoy this?  No, probably not.  Would a bunch of grown girls enjoy this?  I’d like to think so!

Who knows, maybe your friend will say “let’s play again!”

Did that ever happen when playing board games as kids?  One kid says “I win!” and everyone abandons the winner. Three-year-old me used to cheat at “Memory,” and my brother threw the video game controller and reset the Nintendo if a game wasn’t going his way.

These commercials were never realistic.

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