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Interview With The Vampire With… Adam West And Frank Gorshin?

Enjoy this 1995 parody of Interview with the Vampire courtesy of Adam West and Frank Gorshin!

Friends, back in 1994 when Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles was released into movie theaters, I was unaware of the popularity of Anne Rice’s book series. All I knew before walking into the theater with my friends is that it was about a vampire being interviewed about his life and that it starred folks like Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas – the latter I knew from The Mambo Kings from ’92. Of course I knew of Christian Slater from films such as The Name of the Rose, Heathers, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, Pump Up the Volume, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. At the very least I can say that I knew of Brad Pitt at that time thanks to his roles in Cool World, Kalifornia, and the overlooked 1989 slasher Cutting Class – although I also knew him from his brief role as Randy in the popular TV series Dallas.

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Having not read any of The Vampire Chronicles at that point, on leaving the movie theater I was pretty impressed with what I had seen – although a few of my friends weren’t as wowed. I think it would be honest to say that the film did well for itself though – with an estimated budget of around 60 million dollars it earned 224 million. In addition I recall the popularity of it when it reached home video as that was one of my jobs at the time. Having said all of that, I suppose it was due to my work schedule that I missed this hilarious parody from the 1995 MTV Movie Awards – featuring Adam West in the role of Louis and Frank Gorshin as Malloy… sort of. Because with these two iconic actors – probably best know for their work in the Batman television show from ’66 – they just can’t help referencing their old roles, right?

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