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Weird Al Reminds Us About Germs And You

Enjoy this humorous Germs and You PSA courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic.

Friends, with all the uncertainty and quite frankly scary situations with the coronavirus at the moment – the need for some humor feels like it is more important than ever before. I have gratefully spent more than a few hours chuckling at the good-natured jokes that have been popping up on my Facebook feed these last few days. As I understand it – the esteemed Weird Al Yankovic has been asked by fans the last week on whether he was going to try and do a parody of “My Sharona” or possibly “Come on Eileen” – with a coronavirus spin. The artist as you might expect politely declined the offer – considering the severity of the virus around the World. However that is not to say that he didn’t have some advice for all of us about both the danger of germs and what to do to avoid as well as combat them. As this is Weird Al he has presented such information in this charming and hilariously altered PSA entitled Germs and You.

Video and Article Image Provided by alyankovic.

Germs and You reminds me of the type of fun that Weird Al would share on his sadly all too short Saturday morning television series on CBS back in 1997. The Weird Al Show aired at a time when I was working at a five star restaurant – normally pulling off 17 hour work days – and I still made sure that I woke up to catch the show. I mean how could one be expected to sleep through Weird Al presenting the Our Friend Dirt PSA, right?

Video Provided by alyankovic.

Of course Weird Al also had something to say – or sing in this case – about the subject matter once before with 1999’s “Germs“. While not a parody of any of the songs by Nine Inch Nails, it has been pointed out that Weird Al was parodying their style with this particular song. As it turns out, Weird Al Yankovic uploaded a live performance of “Germs” just a couple of days ago – from a performance that was recorded on October 2nd of 1999 at the Marin Center in San Rafael, Ca. for the “Weird Al” Yankovic – Live! DVD.

Video Provided by alyankovic.

So there you have it, thanks to Weird Al and his Germs and You public service announcement… you now know what to do to avoid that giant talking bar of soap!

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