1984 Clip From Thicke Of The Night With Stan Lee

Enjoy this 1984 clip from Thicke of the Night featuring Stan Lee!

Friends, I was about to close down the office for the day but just a little while ago Rockford Jay popped in to share a clip from this 1984 episode of the syndicated Thicke of the Night talk show. The talk show was a spin-off of sorts from a Canadian daytime program – which was also hosted by Alan Thicke. It was intended to be the type of late-night talk show that would manage to rival the likes of the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. I will admit that I vaguely recall the series itself although I do not believe I ever watched it myself – looking at the Internet Movie Database entry for the series – Thicke interviewed the likes of Linda Blair, Gilbert Gottfried, Lee Ving, Steve Allen, Arsenio Hall, Frank Zappa, and the late and great Stan Lee to name just a few. In fact that is exactly why Rockford dropped by for a visit is to share with us this 1984 clip from Thick of the Night with Stan Lee as well as Steve Allen – keep your eyes peeled for Fantastic Four #282, one of my favorite appearances of Terrax the Terrible!

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I am assuming that during this time when Stan Lee was on the show, his efforts to get some of the stable of Marvel Comics characters into films was what lead to 1989’s adaptation of The Punisher and possibly the Thor and Daredevil crossover TV movies with the Hulk from around the same time too. While I will admit that I wasn’t particularly fond of The Incredible Hulk Returns from 1988 – I quite enjoy both The Punisher and The Trial of the Incredible Hulk.

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I should point out that while Thicke of the Night didn’t bring it’s host the late-night talk show success he had intended – it was in ’85 when he took on the role of Dr. Jason Roland Seaver in Growing Pains, the extremely popular sitcom that ran for seven seasons on ABC. In addition check out this clip from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson – I feel it is safe to say that Alan Thicke had sense of humor about how his own talk show turned out.

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