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Top 3 Concerns About The Intellivision Amico (With Smash JT And Tommy Tallarico)

Brett Weiss has a brand new YouTube video – discussing three of the main concerns about the upcoming Intellivision Amico.

Friends, Vic Sage here to introduce Brett Weiss’ latest YouTube video – one that focuses on some of the apparent concerns over the upcoming Intellivision Amico. You might recall back in January when I shared the Night Stalker Intellivision Amico trailer – I was pretty much on board with the system anyway, that particular trailer though made me wish it was already October so I could get start playing some of the games. As someone who lived through the early years of the Console Wars… I learned early on to just appreciate it all… that doesn’t mean I couldn’t see which system at the time had better graphics though.

Granted a lot of what is drawing me to the Intellivision Amico has to do with the updated games of old that I enjoyed in my youth. While all titles will not be available when the Intellivision Amico is able to be purchased on the 10th of October – I look forward to a new look at such games as B-17 Bomber, Dragon Fire, Miner 2049er, Missile Command, Utopia, and of course TRON Deadly Discs!

Without further ado, here is Brett Wiess and what he is going to take a look at with his new video:
“The Intellivision Amico, headed up by Intellivision Productions President Tommy Tallarico, is due in stores October 10. There has been much excitement about the console, but I keep seeing the same three concerns/criticisms popping up again and again:

  1. It won’t get third-party support.
  2. The controller sucks.
  3. These are just glorified cell phone games. With help from YouTuber Smash JT, I discuss these potential problems and why I think they are overblown.”
Video and Article Image Provided by Brett Weiss.

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