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Check out This ’70s Public Service Announcement On Hot Dogs

Check out this short ’70s PSA on Hot Dogs – possibly made by Oscar Mayer?

Friends, I have to confess that I am something of a hot dog connoisseur – along with beef jerky it is probably one of my favorite things to eat. It has everything to do with those delicious franks that were served at the 62 Drive-In of my youth as well as the nine years that I worked at a movie theater. Now I am talking about eating a proper hot dog here – needs the warmed bun – don’t even think about using sandwich bread – of course you also need the proper condiments. In all honesty my favorite type of Hot Dog is the Chicago-style – the minced white onions, tangy mustard, sweet pickle relish, tomato wedges, dill pickle spear, and while I forego the pepper I do love a bit of celery salt on the dog itself. For what it is worth there is a local restaurant in my neck of the woods called Hammontree’s that serves not only amazing grilled cheese sandwiches but an incredible selection of hot dogs too… and they also have a velvet Admiral Ackbar painting that I would give my left arm for.

Having said all of that I will admit that as a teenager I began to hear some rumblings from my Family members… concerning how many delicious hot dogs I was scarfing down in a week. With my Grandfather in particular pointing out to me the secret ingredient of what makes a hot dog so good – a list of ingredients I was shocked to see echoed in 1988’s The Great Outdoors with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd!

Stumbling on this ’70s public service announcement on hot dogs this evening – it appears that the concern with the ingredients of said food has been around for a bit. Sadly I’ve not been able to actually find any background info on the PSA itself – I’m going out on a limb though and saying this was produced by Oscar Mayer to help calm some concerns.

Video and Article Image Provided by UFO CULT VHS.

Now if you will kindly excuse me, I need to head into the kitchen and begin cooking some hot dogs for dinner!

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