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These New LEGO DC Comics Minifigures Are Pretty Super

Check out some of the new LEGO DC Comics Minifigures I picked up the other day!

Friends, I believe that once or twice before I have shared with you all how much I enjoy LEGO and their variety of licensed products – or sometime just the possibility of a beloved franchise being given the LEGO brick treatment. In addition on the site I have discussed in both articles and podcasts how much I still love to collect and read comic books – which is why I got so excited the other day when I saw that LEGO and DC Comics had teamed up to release a wave of 16 new minifigures. Now while it is true that as an ‘adult’ I have curtailed the amount of toys as well as comic books that I pick up… I still grabbed four of these blind bags and raced to the checkout lane. Looking at the 16 characters that make up this particular wave of LEGO DC Comics minifigures there are indeed a few that stand out for me – namely Mister Miracle, Metamorpho, Stargirl, The Flash, and Bat-Mite. So when I got to work I tore open the first blind bag to find that I had received… none other than the last Son of Krypton – in this case Superman from the Rebirth storyline.

As Superman is far from my favorite DC Comics character I rather quickly tore into the next blind bag and was pleasantly surprised to find I had obtained the Flash. And not just any Scarlet Speedster either but my favorite version of the character – Jay Garrick aka the Golden Age Flash!

The third blind bag I opened up presented a hero that I will admit I am only familiar with thanks to Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans animated series – Bumblebee. Karen Beecher was actually first introduced in the pages of 1976’s Teen Titans #45 – her costumed alter ego of Bumblebee was first seen three issues later.

The last blind bag… for now… that I opened at the arcade revealed a member of the Green Lantern Corps – Simon Baz. Who I am afraid I knew nothing about and had to pull up his entry on Wikipedia to learn about the character… and the fact that one of his abilities appears he has a gun – it caused me to raise an eyebrow. I mean with the power ring granting him flight, the ability to project force fields, and most importantly of all generating hard-light constructions… why would he need a firearm?

So those were my first blind bags for the new LEGO DC Comics minifigures – have to say I’m rather impressed with them… now I have to find a way to convince my Wife that I need to go back and grab like 6 more. In case you might be interested in what other characters were made available – there is also Aquaman, the Joker from The Dark Knight Returns, The Bat-Man, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Huntress, Cheetah, and Sinestro.

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