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Arcade USA Presents: Toy Tomb – Dinky Toys Star Trek Enterprise!

Willie of Arcade USA has a brand new Toy Tomb video – focusing on the 1977 Dinky Toys Star Trek Enterprise!

The Holidays are almost here but if I am being honest – Willie of Arcade USA totally delivered an early present with his latest Toy Tomb video, one that focuses on a late ’70s toy that I greatly coveted in my youth. The incredibly impressive die cast Star Trek Enterprise that was produced by the UK based Dinky Die Cast Toys. Now I will have to point out that I sadly do not recall ever seeing any of the Star Trek die cast toys from Dinky in my neck of the woods when they were released in 1977 – not even in the Otasco which was the first store to carry Star Wars figures. Where I was introduced to the toys and as Willie himself mentions in his video, was in the pages of comic books… tempting offers to secure both the USS Enterprise as well as a D7 Klingon Battle Cruiser. I spent many hours staring at the illustrated ads for those Star Trek die cast versions of the iconic television starships and yet it was sadly not to be, money was far too tight to convince my Father to send off for them. On the plus side those comic book ads did convince me to draw a whole bunch of pictures featuring the Enterprise and Klingon Battle Cruiser locked in deadly combat!

Apparently Dinky Toys did produce a couple of different versions of these starships and even two different packaging options – while I will admit I love that beautiful artwork that is displayed in the Toy Tomb video, both toys were released in a plastic window version too. In addition by 1980 to tie into Star Trek: The Motion Picture they also released a non-firing four inch version of the Enterprise and a K’t’inga Battle Cruiser – which were sold on blister cards. Although as Willie’s Toy Tomb video showcases there is something hard to resist about launching plastic photon torpedoes out of the Enterprise toy!

Video and Article Images Provided by Arcade USA.

Now for this Toy Tomb episode, Willie focuses on the 1977 Dinky Toys Star Trek Enterprise – I’m hoping that he might have another video giving us a look at that D7 Klingon Battle Cruiser version in the near future!

I want to thank Willie once again for allowing me to begin to share some of the Arcade USA videos with you – make sure to check out his Facebook page as well as The Toy Tomb and the Atari 5200 Super Community! podcast.

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