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35 Years Later Queen Just Released A Music Video For Thank God It’s Christmas

Check out the new animated music video for Queen’s Thank God It’s Christmas!

Friends, while I do my level best to keep myself on an even keel most of the time – I am obviously only Human… and today was just not a good day. Thankfully though I have friends like Rockford Jay who was kind enough to let me know that 35 years after the song was originally released – Queen’s “Thank God It’s Christmas” has been given a new animated music video for the Holidays. The song which was co-written by both Brian May and Roger Taylor was a Holiday single that was released on November 26th of 1984 – reaching the number 21 slot on the UK charts through the Christmas of ’84 and even the New Year of ’85 for a total of six weeks. The B side of the single as I understand it contained ’84s “Man on the Prowl” as well as “Keep Passing the Open Windows” – although I should add that an LP seems to have been released at some point with both “Thank God It’s Christmas” with an extended version of “Man on the Prowl” with the B side featuring an extended version of “Keep Passing the Open Windows”.

Video Provided by Queen’s Official YouTube Channel.

For what it is worth, doing a little research online it appears that the lion’s share of the song writing for “Thank God It’s Christmas” goes to Roger Taylor – with Brian May contributing to the chorus and helping shape it up. The two shared the song with the late and great Freddie Mercury who appears to have been bowled over – with May later stating he really enjoyed the way that Mercury held back on the vocals.

After listening to the song this evening about a dozen times I will have to agree with the esteemed Brian May – an artist AND person I greatly admire. Mercury’s more low-key approach to this song makes it all the more moving and appropriate for the Holiday season. In addition thanks to Rolling Stone, May stated about the new video:

“The video goes a little further by including a subtle reminder that we as humans now need to feel a responsibility for the welfare of ALL creatures on Earth – not just for our own benefit, and that of our grandchildren, but out of respect for the rights of the animals themselves.”

Video and Article Image Provided by Queen’s Official YouTube Channel.

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