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Phosphor Dot Fossils: Bump ‘N’ Jump (1982)

This Phosphor Dot Fossils video is all about 1982’s Bump ‘n’ Jump!

Friends, we have a brand new Phosphor Dot Fossils video from the esteemed Earl Green for your viewing pleasure and for this episode he has chosen 1982’s Bump ‘n’ Jump by Data East. This is a favorite game of mine from back in my youth and like more than a few arcade classics, this was not a title I found at my local Showbiz Pizza or the arcade at the local mall but down the street at the gas station. The early 80s were a different time as it was not uncommon for my Father to pluck a few precious quarters in my palm and send me off down the street to the Fast Tracks station – granted it wasn’t like I was oblivious to anything I considered dangerous… anything sketchy and I would have been off like a shot across the field to my Grandparents house.

Bump ‘n’ Jump as you will see from Earl’s Phosphor Dot Fossils video is a game that does exactly what it says on the tin – the Player will be able to both jump and bump opposing race cars. As well as jumping and then with a satisfying crash land atop an enemy vehicle during the race – or possibly in the trees on hazardous rocks or even in the drink. Much like many of the early classic arcade titles – while the overall gameplay might be simple – Bump ‘n’ Jump is a fast paced and fun title that requires quite a bit of strategy to get very far.

Bump ‘n’ Jump by the way was known as Burnin’ Rubber in Japan and Data East allowed Bally/Midway to handle the North American release of their title. As is usual with Phosphor Dot Fossils, Earl will give you not only a bit of history of the game but allow you to watch him play the game itself. So go and grab your favorite snack and beverage and watch Earl Green take 1982’s Bump ‘n’ Jump for a spin!

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