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Enjoy The Cult Film Inspired Music Of Monster Skull With Visions Of The Horrible And Strange!

Do you like Phantasm? Chopping Mall? The Brain That Wouldn’t Die? Then Monster Skull has the album for you – check out Visions of the Horrible and Strange!

I need to be up front on this article and admit that I know practically everyone involved with the band known as Monster Skull – I will also add that as always I will never share something with you that I do not truly care for. Earlier today with my article about Disney’s The Story of TRON I mentioned that many of my favorite films fall into the cult film category. While I truly believe the likes of Phantasm, Chopping Mall, and The Brain That Wouldn’t Die are amazing movies – I am honest enough to admit that they are most assuredly cult films – B movies if you will. So I think you will understand why I was doubly excited to find out that Monster Skull revealed three songs from their upcoming album Visions of the Horrible and Strange – that just happen to feature songs inspired by those three cult films I just mentioned. And really can you think of anything that you have read today that is more awesome than learning a band has crafted a song entitled “Killbots… Unleashed!” – based off 1986’s Chopping Mall?

Considering that one of the Saturday Frights podcast was devoted to 1979’s Phantasm, the news that Monster Skull is releasing a track called “You Come To Us” is pretty exciting. While I do not personally know Director Don Coscarelli, I have a feeling that he would be pretty honored that Monster Skull is taking such a memorable line from Angus Scrimm’s character of the Tall Man and transforming it into a driving song.

The third song announced on the pre-order of Visions of the Horrible and Strange is a John Carpenteresque ode to 1962’s cult classic The Brain that Wouldn’t Die entitled “The Black Door” – a film that most of have experienced through Mystery Science Theater 3000. And I am very sad to say that while I have been writing this very article, the star of that film, Virginia Leith (A Kiss Before Dying, On the Threshold of Space) passed away today at the age of 94.

Video Provided by Scream Factory TV‘s YouTube Channel.

You can pre-order Monster Skulls’ Visions of the Horrible and Strange aka VHS by visiting their bandcamp by clicking on this link – for the low, low price of two dollars you can get yourself “You Come To Us” and the full album when it is released in December!

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