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For THE Party You Can’t Beat The Beat Bachs Halloween Dance Party!

If you love Halloween you need to check out the Beat Bachs Halloween Dance Party – lucky for us we had a sneak preview.

If you have been kind enough to follow the Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast Facebook page – you know that besides the arcade, my neck of the woods has the added pleasure of possessing an amazing pinball bar. I frequently share videos of Pinpoint‘s collection of 17+ pinball tables on the Diary page – The Addams Family, Dungeons & Dragons, Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, Star Wars, and more. Pinpoint is owned and operated by Bo Counts – not only a friend to the arcade and myself but he just so happens to have been one of the original technicians at the arcade. In addition, Bo also is as big as a fan of the Universal Monsters as I am – which is why he made sure to splurge and purchase the Chicago Gaming Company’s Monster Bash Remake for his place. An amazing remake of the 1992 Monster Bash table by Williams Electronics Games – quite possibly my favorite pinball table of all time – even ahead of the likes of Bally’s 1993 classic The Twilight Zone. Here is another interest that Bo and myself happen to have in common – we both LOVE Halloween and this time of the Season – which is why he has hosted the Beat Bachs Halloween Dance Party for… I believe the last 13 years? Kind of the ultimate Halloween party that we are lucky enough that he and his crew put on here in Northwest Arkansas – the only downside for me is the event is held when I’m working my ‘day job’ as a night auditor. At least I can enjoy the fun by watching Bo’s live feeds of the party and his photographs that are snapped during the event. This year however I was given a very special treat – I was allowed to check out most of the party decorations the night before the big event. As you would imagine for the amount of people that attend the Beat Bachs Halloween Dance party – they move those precious pinball tables off the floor – but this photo from Pinpoint will show you this year’s Halloween-themed line up of tables.

Image Property of Pinpoint and Bo Counts.

Now a couple of things to keep in mind about these photos I am sharing with you from the pre-Beat Bachs Halloween Dance party. Not all of the lighting system were engaged – I mean judging from the video that Bo shared early in the evening there were laser lights going off all over Pinpoint. And the place was obviously jumping from the DJ as well as the amount of folks showing off their finest Halloween costumes – I should also mention that the patio area of Pinpoint was a loving tribute to 1984’s Ghostbusters. But during my tour which was courtesy of John Monkus, not only an arcade game and pinball specialist, but one of my good friends… some special guests of honor had already arrived… like when I turned around to find none other than Jason Voorhees asking to check if I was old enough to be in Pinpoint!

Which apparently ended up offending the likes of a visitor fresh from his nightly visit on Elm Street – I think he was more upset that I wasn’t going home to get some sleep than learning how old I am.

Near the back of Pinpoint I was able to find Little Red Riding Hood in a most distressing situation – caught between a Wolf Man and a Werewolf (There is most certainly a difference!). What these photos will sadly not be able to show you is when I was able to take a step closer to ‘Spot’ and it reacted by howling and it’s eyes turning red… which is when I jumped a foot in the air.

Speaking of John, check out his Halloween costume that he put together for the Beat Bachs Halloween Dance party – it might not look familiar to you but it’s based on a character from Elvira and the Party Monsters table!

The VIP section of Pinpoint had an incredible set up on display, a moment in a horror story perhaps where there is a gathering for a seance – complete with lit crystal ball as well as floating table lamps that flickered off and on. There were also plenty of creepy portraits of those long passed – displaying their true nature when a party goer walks past them.

Here is a treat, two Arkadians – Hannah and JT dressed to kill any zombies they might come across as Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy from the classic 1998 Resident Evil 2. I know that a few more Arkadians managed to make it to the Beat Bachs Halloween party but I am afraid they didn’t have the chance to send me any photographs of their costumes before or after the event.

Even the entrance of the event was suitably in the spirit of the Season – cheerful orange lights lined the steps leading down into the party while above your head swirling images of phantasmagoria played out!

As you can see for yourself there were plenty of spooky and appropriately devilishly decorations at the Beat Bachs Halloween Dance party… I’m sure that Bo is planning on ways to top this year’s event even as the party goers are resting up from their evening of merriment. I will do my very best to make sure that perhaps for next year I might be able to attend the event for myself – maybe I can even share video?

In closing, I want to share this video from Pinpoint of the exceptional Monster Bash Remake table – this is by far from my best play on the table but you will see why I love it so much.

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