Halloween Stickers

Some More Funky Halloween Stickers

Check out IseeRobot’s latest Halloween sticker find!


Hey kids. It’s me and I’m back to share some more fun Halloween Stickers from my small but interesting collection of Spooktober stuff. I picked these guys up in a big sticker book score from The Flea Market.

In total I got up on 4 books from some kid named Brian’s 80’s Sticker Collection. There was a ton of great stuff in there. Star Wars Stickers, Scratch and Sniff stuff and a bunch of other great ones too.

It was one of my all time fave pick-ups. I don’t seem to think that I paid that much either when I expected to pay a fortune. Sometimes people don’t value stuff as much as you do.¬† One man’s junk and all that.

Anyhow in the books there were a few sets of holiday related stuff. Holidays are big sticker days. I remember getting all sorts on Christmas and Halloween, even some Thanksgiving type stickers from teachers around each time of the year.. .

I like those guys up there a lot. The ones¬†that this post is about… My fave is probably Dracula. He looks so tired and crazed.. I do kind of like Wolfman’s sort of sly facial expression too. He just can’t be bothered with all this Halloween stuff. He’s over it.

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