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By The Three Suns Of Thra – We Need This LEGO Dark Crystal Set!

Stop what you are doing and check out Brent Waller’s proposed LEGO Dark Crystal set!

Obviously from The Flintstones LEGO set I shared a couple of weeks back, you can guess that I am quite fond of those wonderful little building blocks. It probably has something to do with the fact that I didn’t actually have many in my youth – that assuredly has something to do with it. Of course on the other hand it also is the fact that LEGO is now creating some of the most awesome pop culture sets around with Star Wars, TRON: Legacy, and The Simpsons to name just a few. Which is where another element of what makes LEGO so fantastic comes into play – with LEGO Ideas they allow fans of the brick to dream up an idea for a future LEGO set and then submit it – if it gets enough votes it will be given a legitimate chance at becoming a real product… an in addition the designer will receive 1% of the royalties for coming up with the idea. That is just the cherry on top – the real treat is when folks like Brent Waller present a LEGO set that makes you pause… and realize your life has been a little emptier for the lack it, which is exactly how I feel about this proposed LEGO Dark Crystal set!

All of the images used in this article come from Brent Waller‘s YouTube video he crafted to give potential voters a good idea of what the LEGO Dark Crystal set would look like.

On the Retroist site I often shared my love of all things related to Jim Henson – the characters, films, and TV shows that he and his company managed to create. So many hours of entertainment and generations were inspired by the imagination of Henson and his Family and employees. The Dark Crystal was an incredibly bold film to make back in 1982… actually it still is and I’m sure that Jim would be impressed with what has been accomplished in Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance. While I never had the pleasure of meeting Jim Henson I also think he would be equally impressed with what Ben Waller has designed for LEGO Ideas. This proposed set is obviously based on the 1982 film and I cannot properly express how in love I am with the idea of the possibility of owning Aughra’s Orrery!

Image is property of Brent Waller.

From Brent Waller’s page for The Dark Crystal set he has said that it would contain 1100 LEGO pieces and besides the Orrery it would also be able to produce a rocky exterior. The proposed set would also feature minifigs for not just Aughra but a Mystic, a Garthim, a Landstrider (Which always creeped me out a little!), Fizzgig, Jen and Kira, and naturally the Chamberlain Skeksis!

All right, the truth of the matter is that Brent Waller and all of us fans of The Dark Crystal need your help to see this LEGO set get a chance. You just need to hop on over to Waller’s LEGO Ideas page and vote for project – which you can do by simply clicking on this link HERE. I want to thank both John Monkus and my Wife for being kind enough for the head ups on this project by sending me the link to The Nerdist site.

Image is property of Brent Waller.

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