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Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast 1UP – Top 5 Activision Games

For this episode of the Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast we have a 1UP show – the Top 5 Activision Games for the Atari 2600!

It is time for a new Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast and this time we have a 1UP offering – focusing on the top 5 Activision games that were released for the Atari 2600. As I mention in this podcast episode, I had originally intended for this show to be focusing on Atari’s Asteroids from 1979. The truth of the matter is that at this time of year – both the arcade and my day job are extremely busy – special events and the like and time just simply got away from me. So for this show we are instead focusing on a company whose name – at least in my household – stood for quality games. I am referring to Activision of course, a company that is still rather well known as I hear tell – this gaming juggernaut though got it’s start making titles for the Atari 2600. And while I understand that perhaps you will disagree with the Vault computer’s decisions – I am willing to bet there are going to be a few on the top 5 Activision games list that you will see coming.

Can you hear that 8-Bit Tarzan yell in your head?

I tried to keep it pretty light for this 1UP podcast episode – to make it a little more fun I hope than the standard show. I certainly attempted to keep away from just loading the episode up with information as I typically do – focusing on what made Activision games and their designers stand out. There are more than a few vintage television commercials for your listening entertainment in this podcast – perhaps even some that you may not have heard before? I can tell you though at least one of the titles on the top 5 Activision games list has a connection to this very year… which I was rather surprised by when I first heard it.

With nearly 50 games produced by Activision this list was hard to whittle down, thankfully I had the Vault computer to help me make some of the hard decisions. I do mention it on the show but I would absolutely love to hear which games you feel would be on your own top 5 Activision games list – make sure to let us know in the comments section. No matter what I feel it cannot be argued that while Activision was borne out of a desire for recognition from it’s designers and programmers – and a much deserved piece of the profit – it too helped to make the Atari 2600 a worthy home console.

Video Provided by Jack Taylor‘s YouTube Channel.

Friends, plop down on that comfy couch in the basement and pick up your favorite joystick and join us as we count down the Top 5 Activision Games – here on the Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast!

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