When I was a kid VHS was the thing to watch and I was in love with my VCR (Still am) but back then I didn’t have a lot of tapes. Movies were expensive and I could never talk my folks into buying me blanks. 

All I had was the one that I used to tape Wrestling Superstars off of KTVU. I’d tape the highlights from that week’s show and when I’d reach the end of the tape I’d tape over it all over again. I had the tape that I’d use to tape Baseball for my Dad when he was at work. We had a tape that we’d use to record Slap Maxwell for him. He loved that show and used to work nights so the only way he could see it was if I watched it for him and cut out the commercials, and I had this tape here…. The Golden Greats Of Baseball. 

I don’t know where it came from or how it came to be in my house but somehow it did and me and my brother watched it all the time. We would put it on in the background while we played with stuff like GI Joes or whatever. It was how I learned about Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and all those dudes from the days of yore..

Both my parents worked so me and my bro were left to our own devices after school and during the summer so we spent a lot of time in the house and a lot time watching TV and Video Tapes. We had a modest budget that we could use to rent tapes at the Video Store that was next door to The A and B Market on Montecito Boulevard but when that budget was spent we’d always go back to The Golden Greats Of Baseball. I must have watched this a million, billion times.

I was tickled pink this past week when I was at The Goodwill Outlet store in my town (The Dig) and actually came across a copy of The Golden Greats Of Baseball. It didn’t have the cover but that’s cool. My original didn’t either. 

After paying for it (you pay by the pound so the tape cost like 17 cents, an amazing bargain) I headed home and ripped it to Youtube for the world to enjoy. It was weird seeing it again after all this time. We played it so many times that I practically had it memorized and after awhile it all came flooding back to me and I started reciting the commentary out loud… 

Video Courtesy of IseeRobots Television

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