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The IseeRobots Show Ep.8: The Top 5 Cakes Of All The Times Plus More

On this eighth IseeRobots Show we have the Summer Movie Awards… and top 5 cakes of all time!

I’m so happy to be able to bring The IseeRobots Show to The PopCulture RetroRama Podcast Network.

The IseeRobots Show is a pop-culture podcast where me, IseeRobots and my robot pals Iceberg 13 and Engineer Emily talk movies, TV, Comic Books, Toys and all sorts of fun stuff from a Cell Phone Tower on Jupiter’s Moon Callisto.. It’s a ton of fun!

This week on the ISR Show we have what I think might be the best show I’ve ever produced content wise! We have a To 5 List as well as The Summer Movie Award Winners with a special guest! It’s an awesome episode!

We start off with a little convo between me and Engineer Emily where we discuss her recent discussion with that alien we met the other week.. it’s pretty sad and also exciting! There may be a quest on the way!

From there we talk about a movie I took in called Hustlers.. It stars J-Lo and is about exotic dancers and such.. 

Then we move onto the main event! A Top 5 List Of The Greatest Types Of Cakes Of All The Times and Space. It’s thorough and is sure to be super controversial. We all have our favorite cakes right? These are mine. 

At the end of the show we open up an action figure, have a follow up to the flea market talk from last week and talk so much more! It’s an exciting hour and for sure one for the record books!

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