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1983 Commercials From KTVU TV 2 Bay Area Including Chiller Diller Intro

Ready for another round of vintage TV ads courtesy of IseeRobots Television?

Hey kids. It’s me, IseeRobots back with another installment of IseeRobots Television. This time around I have something that I think is extra dynamite! A Ton of fun commercials from a 1983 episode of Soul Train that aired on one of my favorite independent (at the time) Bay Area TV Stations… KTVU TV 2.

KTVU is a Fox affiliate nowadays but at the time they were an indie in the classic sense. They played syndicated reruns of sitcoms like M.A.SH and Mary Tyler Moore as well as S.F Giants baseball and weekend and afternoon cartoons.

This is where I used to watch GI Joe and The Transformers after school in addition to things like Looney Tunes and Woody Woodpecker on the weekends.. It was one of my favorite channels.

I found the VHS tape that I ripped these breaks from at the Mojo Sales flea market which runs every Sunday here in Santa Rosa at the Vets Building….

It’s a great tape with an episode of Donahue as well as a complete episode of Soul Train where they played the Kenny Loggins jam Footloose inexplicably. The gold on the tape though was toward the end where I found the intro and a few minutes of the KTVU Saturday Morning Monster Movie Show… Chiller Diller. It’s really great – also keep an eye out for a young Stacy Dash selling hair-care products at the beginning of the video!

Video courtesy of IseeRobots Television.

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