Friends, thank you for joining us once again for the Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast, on this 1UP show I am going to be discussing Mattel Electronics TRON: Deadly Discs – which was released in 1982 for the Intellivision home console. As always I do my level best to share with you interesting facts about the game as well as those responsible for it’s creation – like Don Daglow (Utopia, Mail Order Monsters) and Steve Sents. In addition to making sure that I provide my memories of first encountering TRON: Deadly Discs in my youth as well as some of my fond recollections of the Intellivision itself – I have even managed to provide a few vintage audio treats for your listening pleasure during the podcast.

TRON: Deadly Discs is absolutely one of my favorite Intellivision games – not just because of it being a tie-in to Walt Disney’s excellent film, which was also released in 1982. A big reason I enjoy it so much is due the gameplay itself, it allows fans of TRON to relive those exciting moment from the film… being on the Game Grid and defending yourself from the evil of the MCP and it’s warriors.

Remember that with this being a Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast 1UP episode – it is intended to be a little more loose and a little shorter in running time… although that isn’t always the case.

So without further ado, act as my Player Two and step up as I discuss the history and legacy of TRON: Deadly Discs on this Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast 1UP show!

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