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Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast Ep. 034 – BugerTime

1982’s BurgerTime is the subject of this latest Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast!

Friends, welcome back to a new episode of the Diary of an Arcade Employee podcast – for this show we are tackling BurgerTime, Data East’s 1982 classic platform arcade game. I didn’t think many of you would be stumped by BurgerTime being the subject of the show for this go around but I will admit I was a little surprised by how many private messages and e-mails I received with the answer – I guess everyone enjoyed that Centipede episode? BurgerTime did extremely well and that meant there were ports of the arcade game to the more popular home consoles and personal computers of the day. As an audio treat I’ve included three original commercials for these home ports on this episode – including that iconic live-action version… that just so happens to feature the terrifying Mr. Hot Dog ending!

Video Provided by Consumer Time Capsule.

On this podcast I give you a bit of history on Data East, the developer and producer of BurgerTime – in particular how it was designed for their novel DECO cassette system. As I explain in a little more detail on the show itself – it was a system that was meant to make it easier for an arcade owner to switch up the games they had on the floor, once the popularity of a title was wearing out. As mentioned on this BurgerTime episode, I found this YouTube video that shows not just the DECO cassette system in action but what might be the only arcade in the World still using it!

Video Provided by Harcore Gaming 101.

As always I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen to the Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast – so I hope you are hungry because it’s time to make the burgers as we take a look at 1982’s BurgerTime!

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